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Supervision and Inspection of PE pipe Welding

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  • Standards - International and Aust/NZ Industry Guidelines.
  • Works Contract Drafting – being specific about processes and outcomes.
  • Practical welding activities, involving attendees.
  • Minimal staff down time, approximately 7-8 hours (subject to prerequisite modules).

Butt Welding

  • Understanding Butt Welding parameters in detail – High Pressure vs. Low Pressure.
  • Limitations of Butt Welding.
  • Debeading; Internal and External.
  • Equipment: advantages and limitations.
  • Efficiency drivers – getting maximum daily throughput.
  • Weld records & Data Logging.

Electrofusion Welding

  • Limitations of Electrofusion Welding.
  • Equipment: advantages and limitations (inc. cutting, peeling & positioning tools).
  • Weld records & Data Logging.


  • Failures / Case studies.
  • Weld Testing.
  • Hydrostatic Testing.
  • QCA Processes, Auditing, Record Keeping and Documentation.
  • Acceptance and Rejection Criteria.


  • Valid USI.
  • On-line PE Pipe Butt & Electrofusion Welding Training, Including Theory Assessment. Approximately 1 -1.5.
  • PMBWELD301B Butt Weld Polyethylene Plastic Pipelines.
  • PMBWELD302B Electrofusion Weld Polyethylene Pipelines.

This accreditation meets all of the recommendations as laid out in PIPA document TP003 and the APGA PE Code of practice relating to supervision and / or inspection of PE welding.

Please note:- To proceed, a minimum of 3 students required for all training classes. If this criteria is not met, Polysmart reserves the right to change or cancel training dates.

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