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Reaccreditation for EF & Butt Weld

The PE and pipeline industry supports reaccreditation every 2 years. This should occur to ensure that:

  • the welder is kept up to date with current industry standards and welding procedures and;
  • that high standards are maintained by the welder.

Instructions for reaccreditation

  • Complete online theory (available at
  • Provide the following sample welds:
    1 x 160mm or larger butt weld
    1 x 63mm or larger electrofusion coupling weld
    1 x 63mm or larger electrofusion saddle weld
  • Provide record sheets for all above welds
  • Send these welds and record sheets to Polysmart, 11-15 Martha St, Seaford, Vic, 3198.

NB reaccreditation must occur within 6 months of expire date, if past expiration date you can attend standard course at a discounted rate.

If previous accreditation was by provider other that Polysmart you must provide copy of original certificate.

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