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Reaccreditation for EF & Butt Weld

If the welding technician's certificate is within 6 months of expiry date, the process of bi-annual reaccreditation can be quite simple.

Firstly the welding technician must complete an on-line theory assessment, this generally takes approximately 45 - 60 minutes.

Then the technician must submit welded samples and accompanying weld record sheets to Polysmart for evaluation.

If the welding technician's certificate exceeds 6 months of expiry date they must attend a face to face training session.

Call now and we can enrol you in the relevant course and email you a list of requirements.

The value of having competent welding technician cannot be overstated. The biggest single contribution to a successful welding is the competency of the welding technician. Therefore, it is important that the competency level of the welding technician be considered in relation to the risks associated over the life of the pipeline or fabrication.


Approximately 80% of welding technicians fail their first attempt for reaccreditation, most failures for reaccreditation are due to:

  • Poor alignment
  • Poor peeling
  • Poor saddle clamping
  • Lack of witness marks
  • Insufficient record keeping

Due to questions arising from welding technicians and welding companies, see following excerpts from published standards and documents.

It has been shown that approximately 80% of welding technicians that have applied for reaccreditation submitted welds and relevant documentation, have failed their first attempt for reaccreditation.

It was not until they had the errors pointed out to them that they have been able to meet the strict requirement for reaccreditation.

This shows the need to have welding technicians assessed on a regular basis to ensure longevity of welded joints.

AS/NZ 2033-2008 Installation of polyethylene pipe systems states the following:

"Only trained and certified operators shall carry out fusion jointing. For guidance refer to ".

Water Services Association of Australia

Polyethylene Pipeline Code WSA 01 - 2004

Certification shall be valid for 2 years and be limited to the actual materials, sizes, and equipment covered in the specific training program. At the end of this period, renewal of the certification shall be required.

Certified welders shall demonstrate continuous welding activity and any break of more than six months shall require renewal of certification.

Certification details shall be carried by field personnel on-site, and be made available as required.

PIPA (Plastic Industry Piping Association Australia)

PIPA endorses the reaccreditation of welders every 2 years to ensure;

  • The fusion operator maintains currency with standards, procedures and technological advances, and
  • Skills of the fusion operator are reviewed and refreshed.

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