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Weld plastics using extrusion techniques


Unit Descriptor

This competency covers the extrusion (and injection) welding of PE, PP and other plastic components under industrial conditions both in the field and in factory conditions.

Application of this unit

This competency applies to operators who are involved in the extrusion (and injection) thermal welding of PE, PP and other plastic components to quality assurance requirements whilst maintaining personal and immediate site safety.

The key features in attaining the required quality are:

  • Identifying materials being used in the installation as compatible for welding
  • Calculating appropriate welding parameters to be used
  • Maintaining and calibrating welding equipment
  • Performing welding
  • Assessing quality of welded joints made
  • Benefits of the Polysmart Computer based Learning package


  • Ability to do the theory component at your own pace
  • Minimal staff down time approximately 3-4 hours for theory and 7-8 hours for practical
  • Theory assessment can be completed anywhere that you have internet available
  • Practical assessment can be carried out economically practically anywhere
  • Simple bi-annual reassessment
  • Wallet sized card with photo I.D. and National welder number
  • Theory training and assessment package available without practical assessment, ideal for Supervisors, Sales staff, etc.
  • Printable weld record and machinery service and calibration record sheets
  • Printable reference guide
  • Small learning groups (generally 2 to 6 per session)

Please note:- To proceed, a minimum of 3 students required for all training classes. If this criteria is not met, Polysmart reserves the right to change or cancel training dates.

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